Amanda DeVries

If there is a cost savings and along with that there is an opportunity to spend that money within Galveston County, then by all means there should be a change. This is a business decision. Would the trustees spend more of their own money unnecessarily if they could get the same service at a …

And the string of comments here illustrate my earlier point exactly. Get a life people. Go to work, pay your taxes, vote, but for the love of everything decent, please find a hobby or something.

Because this is always where we need to spend money, on a complaint with a board that has no teeth over an act that, even if it was committed, the name calling not even to someone's face, is completely absurd. Nice job League City. People on both sides of the political isle here in League Ci…

I hate to inform Ms. Hansing, but it won't be an alleged slur about her that will taint her. She has done a mighty fine job of doing that all on her own with her own actions, which speak much louder than any words.

Perhaps if Mr. Miles and some of the others would kindly resign their position on the board, effective immediately, this Bond might stand a chance. That would be the thing to do should they actually have the best interest of the school in mind.

My thoughts exactly Jim. And they wonder why the sales tax increase didn't pass.

I can get on board with the increase. That's probably a good thing actually.

My problem here lies with the Council people that have, and will continue to, bash and berate and publicly criticize any other entity that might necessarily need to raise taxes or issue debt for very good rea…

All the people that complain the loudest need to get up and go vote. The apathy until something goes screwy is very disappointing.

ElMartillo, why should someone else's family suffer for your gripe?

I've seen flares while the striking workers were working. So what does that mean? Are they too incompetent as they suggest?