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Hang in there Lars..... some people are incapable of understanding the dynamics of an intelligent culture and the progress it requires... fortunately, as the last election and recent events have indicated, they are a diminishing minority that now have to be intransigent and loud to get noticed.

Compare Galveston in it's heyday and what it has become at this point....compare the leadership, both private and public...scary isn't it...the current group ( especially the public officials-both city and county) certainly leave a lot to be desired...how did everything digress to the point …

Slack-jawed hicks !

doesn't anyone remember Red....This MAY have made him blink, but that would have been about it.

Vroooom Vroooom- sputter sputter-choke

What's ironic is that this guy got elected to "run the war against all of those lowlifes that felt "entitled" because they had nothing and needed help ...now it seems that due to his wealth, or stature, or both, he feels "entitled" and is apparently comfortable being…

DQ ---no doubt about it....that's why they call the DQ logo the "Texas Stop Sign"

He's not a "lone wolf"....he is one of many incompetent losers gaming the system in politics...just riding a wave that will soon disappear.

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I know it's only a pipe dream, but......Someday Galveston will benefit from intelligent and enlightened leadership....what needs to be done is to find them and elect them; instead of the steady stream of greedy, control freak losers that don't have a clue except for their own petty agenda..…

this guy is the legal and judicial version of Honey-Boo-Boo