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"A vast majority of undocumented workers are exploited by our society - doing hard work in the tourist business, restaurants, lawn maintenance, road work." Contrary, they have exploited our entire labor and entitlement system. None of this is hard work. It is work that Americans c…

Pelicans do not do well in the winter here with low temperatures. I have rescued several on the Texas City Dike in years past. Food is an issue, and it takes time to show up in the Brown Pelican population.

Miniature Ellis Island? Yes, it was in a sense. Most that read this paper don't know about the Quarantine Station on Pelican Island. It was an immigration point; a LEGAL immigration point. ILLEGALS were not then wanted, nor are they now.

Training? Sure, just no more expensive toys.

It seems that the local school districts are just following in the footsteps of the 50,000 liars that joined the benzene lawsuit. Ike just didn't cause the kind of damage that the schools are asking to be paid for.

Well, your comment can be read several ways. Care to clarify what you mean?

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I'm sure the names will be familiar. They will be the carpetbagging companies that showed up post Ike to "rebuild" Galveston and the mainland.They are all making a killing from HUD due to Ike, Sandy, and the Louisiana flooding earlier this year. HUD needs to be overhauled.

Edit: They do work 40 hours, but do it in 4.5 days, so that Fridays are free half a day.

Monday - Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

7:30 a.m. - 12 noon

La Marque is a slow motion train wreck. Can't fix a leak? Hogwash. More like we can't be bothered with it in our 36 hour, paid for 40 hour work week. They have to be gone by noon Friday. What a deal.

Sounds legit to me....[cool]