Randy Chapman

These people are so stupid. Doubtful they even know how impeachment works. The Senate will never allow it.[smile]

But they are the source for the resurgence of diseases. It's been proven. BTW, how many illegal aliens have you adopted at your home?

Let me know what you find out. I too may try that plan! [whistling]

Service animals get a pass. Folks have gotten ridiculous with this. Everyone can get their mutt certified now as a support animal, even online, just so that they can take them everywhere and avoid the hassle that normally occurs when you bring your pet anywhere they aren't generally allow…

Randy Chapman commented on Slaying top vaccine myths

Hopefully, the idiot anti-vaxers will read this and learn something they didn't read on Facebook.

Randy Chapman commented on West End beaches are not private property

Let Galveston rot with its brown water. Spend your money where it's wanted in a place like Florida's Emerald Coast around Pensacola or Destin. Much nicer places and the water and beaches are legendary. Sorry Galveston, but are the armpit of the Gulf Coast.

Are taxpayers paying for plastering of the swimming pools?

So let us get this right. The owners of an exclusive, non-public, private property are seeking monies from FEMA to dredge the canals that naturally have silted in over the years the place has been there? Seems legit to me. Again, more welfare at the taxpayer's expense.

People in League City complaining about traffic? Now that's a hoot! [beam]

Considering there is next to nothing there, I see no reason for this park to close for 3 years.