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the DEEP STATE is ecstatic that Trump is president because he has no back bone and so easily manipulated,

Thank you for clarifying that you do not know that Obama is no longer the President. The fact that you mention the "deep state" like there is some political boogieman who's actually controlling the country proves that you can not analyze complex global issues. Its so much easier to point …

hey carlos just making sure that you are aware that Obama is not the president anymore.

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Coral what do you think of the president calling his own cabinet members and generals "dopes and babies"


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I dont think we disrespect him enough tbh.

Having access to a great education is just a one facet of improving socioeconomic conditions. Fixing gun violence is an extremely complicated issue, which does not have one single solution. We need to start somewhere and education might be the first step.

I love how things written 200+ years ago are still applicable to current day. Literally nothing has changed in that time, and there is no reason for laws and rules to change.

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So they just let anyone write in now? This is just a list of whataboutisms.

Ehhhh "In God We Trust" wasnt adopted as the United States' official motto until 1956. Other than minor references in songs and poems, it wasnt used on currency or by anyone notable until the 1860s

Lolol time and time again Carl cant make the right decision