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Imagine that! [smile]

WiredOne commented on Love didn't trump hate

Trump talked. President Bill Clinton "acted." And Democrats are "shocked, shocked." Such hypocrites!

Why are motorcyclists allowed to make so much noise? And why don't the citizens demand Galveston end this tradition!?!

It's obvious you are confusing Trump with Hillary.

Liberals are "shocked, shocked" at the actions of Trump but gave Clinton no flack for his behavior with women. They are such hypocrites! Should Hillary win, and Bill is back in the White House, it would Bill the Seducer all over again. We've had enough of the Clintons!

Brain size will surely be part of the discussion. And surprisingly, Albert Einstein was reported as having a brain of average size! Should be a fascinating topic!

A long, long list of Trump supporters include our military.,_2016

We still live in a dangerous world and that has to be considered. Remember the Bill Clinton years and the entry of the 9/11 t…

I enjoyed your article and a reminder of Bruce Hall (late 50s), Campus Chat, etc. As a young teen, I saw and heard Johnny Ray live at a Teen-Age matinee in Houston's Shamrock Hotel. We were delighted, but I think it was the emotion rather than the quality of the singing that appealed to us…

A tip: The name is "Dibrell."