Bobby Pope

Because they fight everything. Face it no one on the island wants change. Try to build something and see how many hurdles your face. Want proof look at the hotel that the owner of the Spot wanted to build. If your not Tillman or a Moody you are screwed trying to build in Galveston. The local…

I like full service hotels. Bur some folk on a budget will choose a cheaper hotel and their is none on the island the will stay somewhere else. You can stay at the Hilton by NASA for $120.00 per night on the weekends or even South Shore Resort. The weekend rates in Galveston are stupid high.…

When is the last time the Kemah police had to pull their guns? They are almost like mall security.

When passing new laws no one ever looks at the third outcome. As I golf cart owner I saw this new speed limit and was overjoyed. I knew there would be a bunch of people that never took this into consideration

Bobby Pope commented on Arson trailer discussion gets heated

Nothing get people worked up like fire departments and what they think is free money.

They will all be drinking together this weekend.

Set up the Octagon and have a battle royal. Last man standing wins.

Everyone on the island seems to be mad about something. New Hotel on seawall, summer fireworks, short term rentals, traffic, and the list goes on and on.

CAVE people. Citizens Against Virtually Everything

Don't do it. They have become such a mess in Dallas. They block the sidewalks and are laying all over the place. Frisco ran the scooters companies out of town.