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Well it's about time we allowed our Law Enforcement to do their job!
Illegal is still Illegal!!

Both Chief Heiman and Detective Millo have worked tirelessly to get our property back.
I hope that people on the island will be MORE Pro-Active, and SPEAK UP when you see things you believe to be questionable. It doesn't help the Police do their job if we don't speak up and call the Police.

Obama will pardon this fool!

The argument by the ACLU is LAUGHABLE! We are a country of LAWS.
This is just another attempt at social engineering by the liberal left.

If you can't do the time don't do he CRIME!

ESL in Texas is a double-edged sword. While it's Paramount for the Latino community to learn English, it's created a burden on the Anglo and Black communities. Our businesses cater to the Latino crowd because of money, nothing more. Our tax dollars are Now spent on teachers that teach ESL an…

If anyone wants a raise from taxpayer money they should (at least) show justification.

The asphalt is a welcome site! The streets downtown are HORRIBLE and Need improvement. Thinking like Developers will put Galveston in a much better position, and Downtown has a lot of room to expand. Great Job!

Back in the day we didn't have Crack or synthetic marijuana. We had schools that Enforced discipline and there wasn't any Political Correctness. We taught the vale of a dollar and respect for rules and regulations. We didn't have Rap music that called for Killing Police....etc, etc.

One problem with the ACA (and this administration) is we have never been given real numbers. It's obvious why, but until we know how many actually received insurance (not welfare) as opposed to how many now pay more for their employer based or self employed insurance we will never know. I k…

Very Nice article Margaret, and Very informative.

Thanks so much![beam]