Patricia Barrios

I am so very sorry. Sometimes I wonder how some people even got a license. They drive with little regard for anyone else on the road - texting, talking on the phone, eating..........everything but taking responsibility for the 5000lb plus death machine they are operating. I hope your Mom rec…

My sincerest condolences. God rest his soul. I hope his Aunt will be ok. It;s easy to be rude anonymously behind a keyboard.

Oh, like fatal accidents only happen in Galveston? Shame.

Oh yeah, inconvenience i can handle. So sorry the man lost his wife and his wife is hanging in the balance. Puts that nasty traffic in perspective.

Prayers to all the people involved. This will be multiple fatalities I am afraid. Head on collisions are just so violent. Stay safe out there, people. Needless to say, with only two roads out of the West End, the traffic is a nightmare.

Inner tubes should be left to Texas Rivers, not Texas beaches. Kid is very lucky,

It's known by several names, San Luis Pass Road, FM 3005, Termini Road - its the road that starts West when the Seawall ends.

Reading this just gave me chills. What a horrific thing to happen.I can't even imagine killing one of my children. He life as he knew it is well over. Prayers to those innocent children. Hope they recover quickly.

Sad ti see this, looks like someone was almost here to enjoy this incredible Island and weather. People need to slow down and pay attention! Hope all are ok.

Those of us who live on Galveston don't even get to park for free. [wink]