Robert Morris

watchingthegov commented on Court tosses seawall parking lawsuit

On the outside that is what you were told about where the revenue for seawall parking was going to go so you would vote for it. I think when you get the real distribution of wealth from the inside you are going to find that all the money was to put to far different uses. Hope not but this …

watchingthegov commented on Heroes helped Glamour for Grammar happen

Just my opinion but that "hero" stuff is stretching things a wee bit. This was a fashion show, not a life threatening combat operation.

Nothing quite like having that tainted legal system in play is there?

I am all for giving it a chance. I am also all for complete accountability of the proceeds and making sure they are spent as the voters voted and are not siphoned off into some other pie in the sky city program financed by the taxpayers.

And yet you are hre posting. Now THAT is sad.

Probably if there were just a couple more signs stuck on the seawall everybody would understand what to do and how to do it. Hope there isn't a hurricane this year or people as far north as Amarillo may be dodging seawall parking signs.[smile]

watchingthegov commented on Not exactly a stellar debut

I think it would be nice if, once this pay to park thing is in full force, the city would provide weekly Monday morning updates via the Galveston Daily News detailing how much parking revenue was taken in the previous week and the dollar balance of the seawall and beach improvement account t…