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Walter, JED says his name isn't James and he isn't a part of any group. Why can't you accept that ?

in de Fe ? say it ain't so

With all do respect, history does have it's place. It's a reference point in time and should be respected. Much rhetoric has been made of George Drake and other locals, of MLK and his impact on the US but Charles Hamilton Houston was the man who laid the groundwork that forced the US govern…

Another attempt to SCAPEGOAT Burley for the failure of the Board to do its job ?

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Why would this Board evaluate Burley now, knowing he has indicated that this is his last year ? For years, they allowed him to bilk this School District with promises tied to performance guarantees. They knew he didn't meet those goals years ago and continued to reward him then, and now th…

I related to one of my class mates of an event that happened in my life. While watching the televised airing of the Million Man March, Louis Farrakhan began to speak and began quoting from the Scripture 2 Chr. 7:14 " if My people which are called by My name.... when His voice said &quo…

Is there a means to have a board member removed while they are serving their term ? I'm sure there would be no problem finding a psychiatrist or two that would certify one or more of this group as being incompetent in the legal sense.

jus askin

This is not news worthy.

Wouldn't that be a slap in the face, to oust those who wanted to oust him, and after the shenanigans of these NINCOMPOOPS it would be totally warranted. These birdbrains are, at best foolish, or at worst sinister in their actions to keep denying the results of the election they called.

What does this school board know that the rest of us do not ? What crystal ball are they looking into, that would justify applying for a loan ? Have they seen into the future and know that a turnaround in revenues are on the way ? Surely they know the taxpayer would be on the hook for such …