Lois J Carelock

I totally agree with you, Walter!

Connie...you speak well for us ""ankle biters". What an insult from our 'minister, gospel singer, mayor'! Too bad he doesn't really listen and take seriously what the naysayers have to offer. We see things in this town that he can't see from his house.

Big talk...little do.

Sounds like La Marque to me!

Why not include Bayou from Laurel to Cedar Drive?

La Marque Alumuni...GET OVER IT!!!! Texas City ISD has done an exceptional job of bringing our schools up to par, considering what they inherited.

Just take a look at the appearance of the buildings and the grounds, not to mention all that's been done inside the buildings since TCIS…

Walter... That is the 'modus operandi' of the city council these days. It's very obvious when watching the council meetings. Wonder who they think they are fooling?

There are others out there hiding behind the name Reverend.

In my opinion, ALL of our city leaders should lead by example. I could add a few other rules and laws that are not being followed by the one mentioned above.

How embarrassing! SMH