Valerie Wells

League City also closed the park for a week in January for water and drainage maintenance issues, and now has closed it for another week for grounds maintenance.

The city relied on incentives in the past to attract companies like Cabela’s to move to town and Ineos to stay in town, but in the future, city officials will attract businesses with a different carrot stick.

Now that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded more than $5 billion to Texas to help with long-term disaster recovery housing after Hurricane Harvey, the state is planning how and when to distribute the money.

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Thanks, Chad. You are right. We are fixing it now.

Dugie -- and several other council members -- talked about cutting money from the Capital Improvement Projects, and the most likely place that cut would happen is in the "reinvestment program" to improve existing infrastructure.
Long made the "nice-to-have" comments,…

One of the arguments was that homeowners were already facing expenses due to the storm. I should have included that in the story.

The number reflects full-time equivalent employees. The hours that part-time employees work are included, which makes a strange total number.

If you want to preorder a calendar, you can do so at the website Galveston Heroes and Hounds,