I would like to know what is the average life of a city manager here in Galveston? Meaning what is the longest term a city manager has lasted here? Is it worth all the mud slinging and what does this do for a person's reputation? Is it worth it? That's all I was trying to convey.

Being City Manager is very very hard work, it's also hard on the family. Question is, is it worth it? Also, you can be fired anytime for almost any reason. If I were Brian Maxwell, I would think real hard. Like I said, it's taxing on the family, you will have little time for them. You w…

Rule #1 Trust no one
Rule #2 Get a tough skin
Rule #3 Learn to fight back fair

Mr. Maxwell, you are naïve, young and too nice for this kind of job.

Did anyone get hurt? Is there a description of the robbers?

I hope someone listened to the entire tape to make sure there aren't any hidden messages or something like that.

I have a great respect for this Judge. I think he did the right thing. Thank you!


This sounds like a soap opera.[sad]

Sounds like a soap opera. No Conspiracy!! Get a life!