Ana Draa

Cool event! What a great way to bring our wonderfully diverse community together to celebrate the love!

Another interesting bit of Galveston history! The historic home we own was built by in 1876 after Governor Lubbock after he moved to the island after the civil war. It's a beautiful home, available as a vacation rental house.

Staff retreat?!?? Looks like someone is running scared.

My congressman offered me a ticket. I declined, choosing instead to march on Austin!

Thank you Erika for your thoughtful letter! Healthcare is a basic human right. As the wealthiest nation on earth, one that many have claimed to be a Christian nation, we can and should do so much better! What I find most disingenuous about the objections to the ACA, many of the key points…

TXDoula commented on The tweets hit the fan

Very thoughtful observations Neil, which is more than I can say for most of these comments! Prove there wasn't fraud...tweets are the new "Presidential fireside chat"...good Lord we have some work to do on our educational system in Texas!

Whoever did this...shame on you!!! You are disgusting.

Glad to see these important notices are back where the belong, in a well read, daily newspaper. Also glad I was spared the 10 minute self service speech.

I applaud Mr. Pope & the other code enforcement officers for doing a tough job. Keep up the good work!

I hope anyone begrudging these families in their time of need is not calling themselves Christians.