Carolyn Meehan

GDN, I predict that the regular posters in this forum will become more hateful and nasty in tone come June 1. You know who they are. Wait and watch. You'll see.

Kim, I agree with you. So...why did GDN make the shrimp story headline news this week? weigh-in from carlosponce on this?

And would you walk into a professor's office wearing a sidearm in order to bully the prof into changing your crappy grade to an undeserved "A"? And if the prof refuses, then you whip out your piece and shoot him / her dead.

This is EXACTLY what will happen if open carry on c…

An eye-catching headline for on-line readers. Then I saw it was you three as authors. I don't read your columns because you cherry-pick your facts to make your case on whatever subject and end up way too far to the right for me. But on this subject, we have agreement.

NJ - I like the way you think.

What do you care where anybody's road leads? As long as YOU personally remain on the narrow path, all is well. Comprende? Be a good Christian and turn the other cheek.

Well folks, now Ken Clark is alienating voters in Precinct 4 with a bulk postal mailing that quotes a biblical verse about "turn from their wicked ways" (2 Chronicles 7:14). His exhortation goes on to state that "personal repentance is the only answer for the days ahead."…

On every occasion when a UTMB doctor's office calls to remind me of an appointment, the screen on my phone says "No Caller ID" or "Unknown".

I don't answer calls like this. Do you?

Good thing I use an electronic calendar and an old fashioned desk calendar t…


You might wanna get more sleep.