Miss Priss

Inappropriate thing to say considering his position (Trochesset)... "Employees you would never of expected"....

I believe Larry Taylor has been wanting to do this for years. If Harris county can get it then he should be able to get it here.

Good luck and good job Larry Taylor.

truthserum commented on What’s in a name? Plenty

Ironically, the use of real names might cause some politicians some consternation with a much heavier attack on their credibility.

Those of us who choose to use a false name (not compensated by tax payers)- have done so at the expense of being verbally attacked and discredited by th…

No longer a blogger but still a reader. I get why the GDN has been pushed into this situation ..... I think I know which politicians are the cry babies too.

I'll just find another way to pass my opinions to the writers/editors.

And we pay much higher auto insurance and utilities despite the fact the energy companies are located here!

I can't believe our government (yes state) allows this to continue.

This is an excellent article. It's very fair to both sides of this argument - informative and easy to follow.

I'm afraid in trying to "protect" her reputation in the judicial / political community, slaughter is making herself even more vulnerable to criticism.

Take …

Agree with Mick and Kevlang.

We look to judges as role models - I do anyway. This particular situation has alarmed me about Slaughter ..... Too much time wasted on justifying her mistake by changing the argument of this particular situation.

Slaughter was still recused from a very serious trial. Apparently people felt she could not show impartiality.

The argument is there is ambiguity concerning social media .... Guess what - stay away from it until you figure it out. Don't play dumb now.

Follow the same rules that…

Clearly this ruling should be seen as an opportunity for the judge to learn a lesson. She should respect the authority just as much as the convicted accept their judgements from her.

If she had worked at a company and done something along the same lines that did not follow the spirit …

truthserum commented on Sen. Taylor should bet on gambling

Go to sit in a lecture series at UH on gaming industry at their Conrad Hilton School. It takes a ton of money of money for anyone to make it in casinos - legally. Guess what?? The community does not benefit from it - they are the last ones to benefit.