Raymond Lewis

No matter the outcome, sure hope this kind of voting participation by all parties is sustained going forward.

I don't vote in that district by the way.

The statement on affordable housing (and those that need it) by Ms. Bass is mostly uninformed, short sighted and pretty disheartening. Short term rentals and affordable housing can co-exist. Happens all the time. Cheers to GCDN for covering this.

Mr. Miller I would be curious to know in which states "non citizen' voting is allowed in federal elections?

It is good tp see these units will soon be available to the long waiting list of those most in need of affordable housing.

Thanks for the clarifying piece Kelly. Michael's (GCDN) article, particularly the headline, did seem to suggest that the Park Board was about to go after the general fund.

For complete transparency, I am a rider (biker if you will).

Complements to the city and GPD on the planning and handling of this 'non' Rally. I was down (with mask) for a couple of hours Friday evening and a couple of hours on Saturday people watching. My brief observations were that the bikers and everyone else were having a peaceful and good tim…

Good work Michael. You've left your mark on countless students. A well earned retirement. Enjoy!

Thanks Mr. Lewis. Best take on the issue I've.