Raymond Lewis

Thanks Councilman Collins.

Well stated Mr. Davis. I suppose it's really frustrating (for a service as good as yours) when everything is in place to try and avoid these happenings and yet it happens any way. 👌 to your team.

The problem, Mr. Smith; you try and make sense far too often. Doesn't work here,

Good piece.

A union of two positives i never stopped scratching my head about. Both will be fine going forward.

What Mr. Jones said.

And if you're reading this, the virus could care less about you or your politics. That should be blatantly obvious by now.

Good piece as usual Ms. Gardner.

Comment was directed at the immigrant poster.

You are correct Mr. Forsythe. We take precautions when we "go fishing in the gulf" by wearing live preservers. When flying, by utilizing capable air traffic controllers. When driving by wearing mandated seat belts. Good to see more are getting the shot. We will continue to bury our unvacc…

Perhaps the silliest and most unuseful comment yet.

Pleased to see that neither of these candidates (all I know) could care less about the endorsement of an *anonymous* group no matter the ilk. A group that may or may not be voters in District 1.