Raymond Lewis

Good piece Michael and wow.

Well said Mr. Semar.

Good piece Michael and smack on the mark. Thanks to Rep. Faircloth (and Sen Taylor) for his (their) support.

Point taken Jack. Particularly your last sentence.

Where have I heard this before; tapes/emails being released to "undermine" someone. Hmm.

Not a pet owner of any kind but this is the writer's *opinion*. Write your own position. Don't blame the paper for including a view that is not your own.

The salary and benefits are in line with other community college presidents at similar sized institutions.

Not sure that 50k figure is entirely correct Susan. Getting a bit vague on my figures but I'm pretty sure there are housing authorities in cities below 50k in population but will stand corrected.

Mr. Croix, perhaps you have found the solution for the needed forty-seven million.

Yeah right. The sky is falling. My prove? I read it on the Internet.