Raymond Lewis

Correction; Rios family.

This could have ended tragically for the police, the Vargas family and definitely for the young man falsely accused. We can do better...far better.

Wonderful to see this! Congrats Sharon and the Rev. for going after these funds for this iconic church, that is so important to Galveston's history.

Thoughtful piece Chief Smith.

What an unsightly (and non-productive) mess with no winners in sight. Easy to spot the losers however in what seems to be the worst kind of 'who's in charge' dust up.

*Only* the author knows what his 'main objective' is/was.

So...it seems an editorial condemning the Jan 6 insurrection and its instigator(s) beings some to conclude that the author is a 'leftist' or 'liberal'. I am fairly certain the tragedies of that day have been and will be condemned by liberals and conservatives alike for years to come.

Good one José! Totally agree.

Now this is a stunner. Long time good friend and part of the tennis group from Menard Park back in the day. Always in good spirits. Always a pleasure to visit with at B. Gigglers. Don't think I ever went there and didn't share good stories with him. Peace my brother.

Raymond Lewis commented on Donald Trump has never been my cup of tea

You have entertained this one reader biggly Mr Jones while responding to the nonsense you describe so well. Here's hoping you will consider occasionally stepping back in when smack downs like only you can administer are in order.