James Lippert

Americans enjoying their 1st Amendment rights to our Constitution which guarantees the right to peacefully assemble. Does not get any better than that. Progressive socialists, good luck!

Hat's off to GOP Chairman Allen West and our other Elected Officials for bravely fielding the Public's questions in the Town Hall portion of the meeting and for helping us exercise our 1st Amendment Rights to our American Constitution.

Condolences to this young man’s family and friends. May he rest in peace. Please be careful and mindful and out there, life is a very precious thing.

Very sad. May he rest in peace.

Many thanks to Galveston County Law Enforcement for faithfully backing the public. You can count on us to have your back.

James Lippert commented on Galveston County approves $144M budget

Our Galveston County leaders have done a GREAT job this year, in spite of what has been happening in the country. Hats off! Look forward to hearing more at the San Leon Town Hall on the 21st.

Great paper and great team. Headed up by a great leader.

Great article Mr. LaComb. One way or another, we are all being affected by this terrible disease called COVID-19.

Sad that much Galveston local politics is dominated by people of such low character. And those politicians often acquire positions of fiduciary trust involving the public purse. When those "officials" are challenged for their ill-advised, the best they can muster is name calling and ad ho…

Shootings, murders and other serious Crimes in the once tranquil Bayshore area need to be brought into check.