Todd Flores

Plus the landscaping is lacking and the trailer/temporary looking restrooms. Not a great looking project for 5 million dollars.

Agreed- ALL billboards should be illegal- eyesores.

Thank you Mr. Pope and all code enforcements officers. The code enforcement force needs to be doubled. Our city council and mayors always run on "cleaning up Galveston", then once elected its the same old thing-no money. This needs to be a strong and sustained push by everybody-th…

Don't forget some small businesses have already purchased plastic bags in bulk, that will last many years. This of course is done to get better prices. So any potential ban should take this into consideration.

Enough cheap hotels.

This is good news-

The bigger issue here is- this restaurant could not be successful with such low rent. Galveston tourism needs help, this restaurant should have been booming.

NO digital signs-period. Also news rules don't mean much if nobody enforces them.

What about getting cars out of people's yards and making people cut their grass and cleaning up in general. ENFORCE-quit waiting for people to call and complain. Be proactive.

so-what's being done? And why are the traffic lights being replaced on broadway?