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April 6th

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A seven-page report from an ad-hoc committee revealed a possible new look for the $12 million Kemah Transportation Center. Early voting on a n…

Nita Moseley

Joshua McDaniel took this photo of a flooded parking lot at DOW Chemical's Texas City plant Thursday morning. As a safety precaution the compa…

Bayou Vista Police Chief Larry Whittington took this photo during heavy downpours Thursday morning. More than 9 inches of rain fell on the tin…

Joe Conti took this photo of 12th Street in Galveston during Thursday's downpour.

The Texas City school district took this photo of Sting Creek as water almost topped the banks. The creek is actually the city's main storm dr…

A car pushes through high water on Postoffice Street in Galveston on Thursday.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly took this from of Hurricane Danny from the International Space Station on Thursday.

The Twin Peaks restaurant is located on Interstate 45 near NASA Parkway in Webster.

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TJ Aulds

Except for this Mr Phalen. We have had to cover this issue before. Sate law takes over on terms of 3 or 4 years: A 3-year or 4-year term requires adoption by election (Art. XI, Sec.11, Tex.Const.); once adopted, vacancies must be filled by special election; EXCEPT a home-rule municipality ma…

TJ Aulds

MG Tex, it should be noted he can be charged with capital murder even if not certified as an adult. So he has been charged with that crime. What has not been determined is if he will face those charges as a juvenile or an adult. The headline is correct in where the case stands. Karen, I am s…

TJ Aulds

As a matter of factual information only Sheryl Tillson... Jesus Amezcus, while a consultant before, was not the interim finance officer until the spring. The raise stays it was factored into the budget.
Also, as a matter of outlining facts only, Leonard Payne the conference was the Texa…

TJ Aulds

Doyle a point that is worth discussion. So to be accurate based on the police report and comments from police, the department never said he didn't answer questions, they did say that during questioning at the police station he was "less the forthcoming," when compared to what was s…

TJ Aulds

Actually, I did have a comment... It was omitted by mistake. It has been added.

TJ Aulds

Jan and Doyle: Sorry the tax rate chart was not initially attached to this story, which it is now to help out.
Should note this is specific to city tax rates and the tax bills from the cities. So when you consider those tax rates only, the difference in the city portion of your tax bill…

TJ Aulds

A factual point to be made. While Nghiem Doan was hired in April, he did not become the city attorney until May. The P&Z meeting referenced was on April 6.

TJ Aulds

Nick,,, My apologies.... A silly omission on my part.... I rewrote the paragraph to change and failed to get the whole list back in.....

TJ Aulds

Just a point of clarification... While on the agenda for tonight LMISD stated on the application that the decision would be made in August....

TJ Aulds

Walter The Daily News editorial board has consistently held LMISD's board accountable for its actions.... And will continue to do so.