Ah the politics of panic. She was doing her job as a lab tech like everyone else in that lab. The "sky is falling crowd" on Faux never misses a chance to whip up the masses. Travel ban, travel ban, they scream but when Bush said no to a travel ban during the last "we will all …

That won't stop the RWNJ's. If it isn't on Faux or Rush they don't believe it.

Thanks for shouting...it was a simple question. Good grief.

Doesn't piling up the seaweed against the seawall and dunes being created lessen the height of the seawall and decrease its effectiveness?

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Thirteen embassies attacked while Bush Jr was President. Where were the non-stop investigations then? Where were the protests when the GOP voted to cut the Administration’s request for Embassy Security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and an additional cut of $331 million in fiscal 2012?

More fun brought to you by the Galveston County GOP.

If you don't want the government telling your church what to do, your church doesn't get to decide what your government does.

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Good grief...do you think your readers might like to know where and when Game 3 will take place?

Agree, but it isn't just UTMB. In too much of today's culture sexual harassment towards women has been put into the "it was just poor judgement or I misspoke" category. Big business (and UTMB along with other medical school is big business) is about the bottom line and protecting …

"Inviting another Pearl Harbor"? No that has already been done by Bush and 9/11. What has Congress accomplished other than to tie the country up with vote after vote against anything Obama has proposed. How much money has been wasted on votes to repeal the ACA (a Republican idea by…