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April 1st, 1984

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Judgement of the Judges, by the Judges, for the Judges

The Daily Blues

So Lucas under bid by a million dollars?

Sounds like we are about to get what we pay for and ruin our wonderful Seawall.

How come Blume Drive cost $250,000 to repair such a small street yet the entire span of the Seawall is that price?

Something doesn't add up...

The Daily Blues

"Portland Loos"?

More like penitentiary toilets.

Buy from TCI and keep it local.

The Daily Blues

That seems to be a lot of money for lawyer fees. But La Marque ISD probably has poor negotiation skills. But when it's not your money...

The superintendent that lied about the number of students and embezzled extra money needs to be charged with a federal crime too.

The Daily Blues

$17 to see The Line Up as a headliner is a joke! Mike Dean is killing Mardi Gras with each passing year. Last year one of the "live bands" was someone pressing play on the MP3 player!

The Daily Blues

My thoughts- the mayor knew prior to the vote he wanted the plan to fall through but knew he didn't have enough support. So go through with the vote with every intention to nullify and then find every reason not to bring issue back on ballot. If you can't win over a jury, aim for mistrial.

The Daily Blues

It's this going to apply for EVERYONE that works for the city. The guys that hang on the backs of trash trucks. The guys that do the sewer lines. The guys at the recycling center. The guys working in this 100+ degree heat cutting grass. The people that do all the hard laborious work.


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What city is this Main Street you speak of in?

The Daily Blues

Good to see the funds raised for the funeral. Now there needs to be justice!

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The Daily Blues commented on A roadway named after Tarris Woods?

I think streets should be named after deceased people. What happens if there is a huge scandal in 5 years? I'm all for naming a street after him when he passes. But it's too soon