Ted Gillis

Carlos was never one of the cool kids.

But yet you did insult African Americans, Jack..................just like you intended

Norman, Weber will have every right to vote against the debt ceilng next session, but the current vote is for expenses already spent, which includes the past administration.

He is the hipocrite in this instance.

A suburban Chattanooga congress woman schreeching a the top of her lungs inside the capital does nothing to tear our country apart, but this small town editor gets ripped for voiceing his opinion in his own newspaper? Please.

Well Mason, if that’s how it’s worded in the documents, then there must be a good legal reason for it, so I’ll retract my snark. You on the other hand must have found the wording unpleasant, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of posting it.

And for your information, I d…

Walter, there must be something in your salad dressing.

Scroggin, you are mistaken. Gary Miller is not a good Conservative, he’s the worst king of conservative, selfish.

We’re do you get your information from Mason? Comic books?

Oh shut up Carlos

I agree with fixing that road. I drove out there several months ago. Now I’m the adventurous type, but I still had the urge to turn around after traveling past the last turn off. Kind of creepy, and not very inviting.

I do remember going out to Pelican Island on weekends with a budd…