Ted Gillis

Thanks for the spell check my faithful friend.

After rereading the original article, I see that the opposing group also includes Steve Hotze. (Yes, republicans suing republicans.) Judge Henry should be more careful with the crowd he hangs out with. This guy (Hotze) has been on the fringes of the Republican Party for years. George Bush…

If Henry was there without a mask and was shaking hands with people, then I’m very disappointed in him. He’s our sheriff for goodness sake.

Maybe I’ll go get a Salinas yard sign this weekend.

This doesn’t appear like election fraud to me. This appears to be a frustrated post worker or a case of stolen mail. What about the credit card bills, pension checks, or other mail that was in the baskets? If they were trying to steal the ballots they wouldn’t have been left at the scene.…

I agree with you two. This is what Babe Schwartz had envisioned with his Open Beach’s act that he championed for most his career. The property owners are prohibited from fencing or blocking off access to the public beach that their structures now sit on. However, I personally think that w…

I just signed my name on one of those credit card devices at the hardware store. Really, tell me we have machines that can validate that squiggling Katherine Hepburn looking signature attempt against the one they have a file.


Here’s David with his “Ilk” name calling again.

Jim is correct, just open up mail in voting to all, then the extra week of poll workers playing cards and puzzles, waiting on voters to arrive, would not be needed.

Hold on to your digital heads, Trump is now contesting the ballots. The election hasn’t even started but he’s already claiming that the election is a democratic hoax and that the ballots can’t be trusted. He wants to get rid of the ballots.

Those are his words. Put it on tape, vinyl…

Bring along a grandkid to carry your desk!