Well mr jbg I'm hoping tc will get us to dallas in December and win state as well but they have a lot of work to do between now and then I'm a sting fan but what I have seen in the past couple of weeks doesn't look to good they can get by the rest of the season playing this was but when play…

Oh ok I read it wrong and yes mr lynch would be perfect for that squad but like I stated before I don't think he's being heavily recruited by big school cuz of his size he has the talent and grades to play anywhere but we don't hear anything about it

Mr lynch is just fine in the orange and black and also doing big things for tc but is not getting much attention besides local news

Mr lynch grades are up to par he is an a and b student but doesn't get enough attention cuz of his size and the other big names on the team

That is true but tc needs to tightened up more on defense and stop being a sided offense I said it last week and I'm going to say it again this week this game shouldn't been this close coaches need to get his head out of his ass and wake up before they get to playoffs or it's gonna be an ear…

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Well some kids work harder than other kids but I will say this if you win 0-2 games a yr it is time for a change

Once again Fw didn't do anything special tc blew assignments if tc would have played Fw liked they did dawson it would have been a different game go watch the game over and I promise you will say the samething

Haha I can write how I want to write I don't go around judging you but anyways yeah Fw did play hard on Friday but tc should have blown this game out every team tc has played this yr has played hard but tc still dominated there team but good luck to all the county teams

Well I'm a tc fan but yes I hope it was a wake up call and like I stated before this game shouldn't even been this close Fw didn't really do anything special to make it a game but I hope the coaches get this team right before playoffs come or it's gonna be like last yr

Don't celebrate to long ball