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The invasion of illegal immigrants is orchestrated. It is time to find the conductor and change his/her or their tune.

Please read the “Open Beaches Act†on the Texas General Land office site. As stated in the original deed or grant from Spain to Texas conveying the coast to Texas, the beaches shall remain open to the public and the public shall have assess to the beaches. IT IS THE LAW, with very few …

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John Hart is, in my opinion, correct.
For a more accurate accounting of deaths do to prescriptions opioids and other pains meds, the number of deaths do to prescription vs street drugs need to be separated. The way the numbers are being presented, the pharmaceutical companies are carryi…

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Negative people do not know how to discuss issues.

The cruise lines know how lucrative it is having a place to dock in Galveston. I feel pretty confident that if Carnaval cruise is banned from US waters, there will be another cruise line, standing in line, to take its place.
You need to cut their source to pay their fines before they wi…

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Respect is the key word here.
Respect is becoming lost in this day of freedom of expression.
Thanks Mr. Woolsey for bring respect up for conversation.

President Trump’s over-reaction to President’s Obama over-regulation of water.

On point Carlos! Educated people are real tired of hearing and reading fabricated fact.

Back in the late 40s or early 50s, the city of Bellaire experienced a city wide flood after a rain event. My dad was Chief of The Fire Department. He received first hand knowledge that the city would not have flooded if the gates of Addicks Levee/dam had not been opened to save the property …

To my knowledge, the levee protecting Freeport is not a ring. This levee is on the main land and covers the southern, eastern and some of the northern areas of the city. A levee for the city of Galveston would need to be designed exclusively for Galveston’s issues.