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That is a well thought out and articulate position. I have a similar background to yours so I suppose I will have to respectfully agree to disagree. All the best, nothing personal.

If you think that is about anything more than investor relations, you tragically naive. Energy companies are working overtime to stay relevant in institutional portfolios and stave off unwanted stockholder initiatives relating to climate change.

This is a great effort. Its ultimate success can only be measured by the extent that local, county, and state policy is influenced. I only hope that is possible.

It was a very moving ceremony. Thanks to all who organized it.

We lived in New Orleans for a bit. I’ve always felt that Galveston shared some of New Orleans unique qualities, on a slightly smaller scale, like architecture, entertainment, and a very active and eclectic restaurant community.

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Well said.

"Low local tax cap will hamstring city leaders"... "Exorbitant evaluations are hamstringing homeowners"

It appears we are in good company.
Hawaii at a 'tipping point' of overtourism, travel experts claim


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Well said Leonard. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without God at the helm and my wonderful wife of 45 years at the rudder.

Brown Ship Building (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Shipbuilding) built many DE's for WW2 as well as sub chasers and landing craft. While many of these vessels served valiantly in both the PTO and ETO, one was especially famous, DE 413, USS Samuel B Roberts (https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…