I'm glad we have every single other problem in our community solved and that we have the vast time and resources available to be spent on this very important effort.

I'm glad we have every single other problem in LC solved and can now devote our time and resources to these essential non-binding do-nothing resolutions.

There needs to be some way of getting from the east side to the west side of League City. 518 is awful as it is. I hope they can figure something out or LC will just be another overly congested area to avoid.

For $387 Million, they could give away about 10,000 full ride college scholarships. But I guess a football stadium works too.

I'm not trying to sway his opinion on the subject matter of the article. I'm also not trying to be insulting. I am genuinely concerned about this individuals health and seriously urge him to just go and talk to someone about what ever is bothering him. There is never anything wrong with a li…

Good sir, you further prove my point.

After google searching your name, I saw that you have a history of frivolous law suits, tried to run a city councilman down with your car, run a blog where you rant for pages upon pages about government conspiracies, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff. Yeah, I should definitely give you my…

Dude, if you are used to people telling you that you may have a personality disorder, you may actually have a personality disorder.

Dude, you sound like one of those guys that's into chemtrails and fluoride in the water supply. He resigned, what more do you want? Now you're just harassing a man going through some stuff with his family. You got a personality thing going on you should talk to someone about.

I got this. We just change out the police cruisers for cop'd out garbage trucks. Problem solved.