Steve Fouga

To close off what I consider a necessary channel through the bridge. I want there to be tidal flow through the harbor.

That sounds like a great concert! Our son has just sent us a bunch of new stuff that I haven’t listened to. He’s been focusing on producing lately, which is good because it provides a somewhat reliable income stream. [smile]

Jim, no I’m not, but I saw them at the height of their powers in 1975. Fabulous performance.


I agree that raising 61st is the best option for creating the western portion of the ring levee. On the other hand, I feel that Harborside is too important an east-west thoroughfare to leave it outside of the ring. I'm also inclined to place the northern "wall" of the ring barrier as clos…

The fact that he's seeking it illegally will force him to drop out. It's over, Carlos. Get used to it. Your boy is circling the drain. [cool]

Get your fill of pro-Trump articles while you can. He will not seek a second term. [cool]

Yes, Susan, if it were up to me, we would design a surge protection system with no regard for what was already there. That's the only way to optimize it, I'm afraid.

I had exactly the same reaction as Bill. I wonder what it would cost to extend the seawall to SLP, using the existing decades-old design. Maybe it's too expensive to build, nowadays, and that's why Dr. Merrell is suggesting a clay-core alternative.