Stephanie Martin

Travesty! He should have gotten alot more than 6 years!

I wonder what her family thinks about this?

This is so sad! I'm praying that the police find the person who caused her so much pain. They need to go to jail.

Does this surprise anyone?

Just because the law firm says the $300K is non-refundable, doesn't make it right. They must be desperate for money to not return at least some of it. How sad to waste hard working taxpayer's money.

Good luck fighting City Hall! We were annexed a few years back into the city of Santa Fe. We get no city utilities, but certainly pay our share of city taxes.

Very sad to see this happen. My son worked there while going to school. They were always very good to him. It's too bad Texas won't allow casino style gambling--there's big bucks lobbying from Louisiana.

Why would they care? It's just the taxpayer's money!

Just don't forget to water them after they're planted.