Stephen Tobleman

shame on the city of Galveston for such nonsense. The stuffed bear was an attraction

Stephen Tobleman commented on Man, dog killed in crash with Galveston bus

sick people out there. looking to steal from those that work for a living because they don't want to work themselves

he should have been in that movie " Dumb and Dumber". he'd play the dumb part

let me have five minutes with him

I'm sure he would say that is cruel and unusual punishment

Stephen Tobleman commented on Investigators name man shot dead in SWAT raid

I hope that the day will come when the police will find another method to subdue somebody without killing them

Stephen Tobleman commented on La Marque man charged in Kemah robbery

any crime when a gun is used needs to be treated with stiff penalties when the culprits are caught. Too many times they get off with hardly any jail time at all and they get out to do the same thing again and again. But overcrowding seems to be a problem in the jails so they might get a mont…

Stephen Tobleman commented on Final numbers are in, here are the highlights

maybe we are just having a bad nightmare

the number 26 on the football sweater might provide some clue. but what year did he go to school ?

Stephen Tobleman commented on William James “Bill” Golden, Jr.

I've known Mr. Golden for many years since I started working for the postal service. Whenever I would deliver mail to him, he was always friendly and nice. Never complained about the mail getting wet or if it was late sometimes. I was saddened to hear of his passing. I will miss him for sure