Paul Steele

Congressman, please we should stop this dangerous dangerous daylight saving time to save some lives.

steele1944 commented on Ike Dike still just an idea

Just waiting for another BIG ONE to happen before ACTION will take place by then too many lives and properties LOST.

Too looong of an article,I forgot what the article is all about at the very end. Too old to comprehend.

Hello... not enough money to pocket. We are already over taxed. Nope please.

What applies to Peter should also apply to Pedro .

Voting should be done online for more participation.

Hard to find HONEST people now a days.

Wow money making machine in fines and tickets, $20K missing is not a needle on haystack common.

Well he must be driving a google car, no driver needed. Amazing technology.

Excuses, excuses common. It does not make sense at all, blaming it on trash and debris.
We need to fix the drainage in Texas City please.