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Keith, this new format and having to pay to read the paper now is a diabolical plot of none other than JBG in a vain attempt to win the coveted SMACK TALKER OF THE YEAR (STOTY) award. I guess too many people were reading the paper on line and subscriptions revenue went down and forced the G…

Same to you MGTex... You've been a good sport all year and you talked some pretty good smack..Stay tuned for the STOTY Awards coming the week of the announcement of the All-District, All-County, and All-State Awards... You WILL be surprised!!!

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it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

JBG, you've had too much diet coke... Lay off the stuff if you're going to hallucinate like that!! The prestegious STOTY Awards will be announced the same week as the All County, All District, and All State awards are announced. There is still time to position yourselves for that final ru…

JBG... Where are the rest of the fellas?? It is about STOTY time!!!

Compassion is triggered by humility. As soon as the pastor humbles himself, then others can see the humility and respond compassionately.

My team stood tall this year and I am proud of them. Congratulations to Navasota on their victory. Some people must realize that the kids enrolled in LMHS are not responsible for the current condition of the district. For those who feel it necessary that they get their digs in on this for…

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Kev, for a minute, I thought you were talking about President Obama!! The polls said it would be a close election, but it turned out to be a landslide!! lol Naaa.. I agree with everything that was said. They said the same thing about St. Pius, didn't they? They said that passing attack …

Sorry, I meant Jimmy Swaggert..

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Buck, maybe the writer of the article has a serious drinking problem. After we win, he'll call it an upset.. Cannot blame a man for trying to stay employed.