Susan Fennewald

When do the contracts for the police come up? That's the biggest drain and an ever increasing percentage of the budget. Sometimes even a very modest change in a retirement plan (for ex:changing age from 55 to 57) can have a major impact on the costs.

Were there significant dunes?

Those that live behind you are probably fighting for sand to be put in front of your house also.

Just don't use tax dollars to build sand dunes. If they want sand dunes to protect their property, they can pay for them. I think the govt should wait until the front row washes away, and then buy, at a discount, what's left. and then do the renourishment for the sake of the now-public land.

The front row houses are investment property. The owners knew the risks when they bought.

The west end could've had replenishment years ago but the homeowners refused to legally acknowledge a rolling easement. If they legally agreed to a rolling easement, then the state would pay fo…

The max increase is 3.5%. I can't find in the article what increase the proposed rate would result in. Did I miss it?

They shouldn't raid the "hurricane" reserve fund.

And we should continue to repair our streets and sewers.

I haven't followed all the details about this, or all the comments- but...

when the state/gov said that Harris county - with MILLIONS of voters- could only have one drop box for ballots (the same as the least populated county in Texas) he lost all credibility concerning impartiality.

As long as any money spent is HOT tax money.

Anything that the Park Board can do to improve the litter situation is good. There was a just an article a few weeks ago that the HOT tax income to the park board was millions of dollars ahead of previous years - more money for litter cleanup.

The deed transfer specifies the property be used as “a park, or as a place of recreation and amusement of the public,”

I think that pretty much eliminates a hotel. The Park Board should be ashamed of themselves for even considering it.