Susan Fennewald

Presumably they live north of the seawall - so they always have to cross the seawall sometime - either before or after their morning meeting. Thousands of people a day cross the seawall safely during the summer. Considering the volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic there are actually V…

?Who are the progressive liberals - those who want to close it or those who want to keep it open to the public?

So, did the $240K severance mean that if they let the contract run out in Sept. they wouldn't have had to pay it? But if she leaves now, they do?

Susan Fennewald commented on Park board CEO quashes resignation rumors

I sometimes think that perhaps she's outgrown the Park Board. She needs bigger and new challenges - but the Park Board and Galveston don't. She's been great - but if she wants to continue to grow, she'll need to go somewhere else.

When the first study was ,done, it said that strategic levees were the most cost effective. But it was just dismissed due to "public opposition" - from west end beachfront owners and those they convinced that their way was the right way.

This project has been pushed for the last 14 years by the west end beach front property owners who want a big dune in front of their property. It made no difference if there were cheaper and less environmentally destructive ways to achieve the same end. It only mattered that the gate - co…

Hurrah for David Collins. The city needs to be in charge - and the Park Board needs to know it.

When the problem is traffic and speeding - it sounds like this is a street that is greatly used, not some seldom-used block. I use it to drive through and am always mildly annoyed when the Galvez has it shut down short term for some purpose. So I'm glad it will stay open.

The big question, on an eroding beach, is how far from the water will it be built and how much sand dune will be left in place between it and the beach?

The property was under water. Property under water belongs to the state (at least that's what I think the law is). The sand never would've been put there if people thought it was private property.