Paul Harrington

“Our objective is not to wreck Mardi Gras,” Stevens said.

That's exactly their goal. Make it free and let the city pay for all of the security so someone can get a Sysco Special cheeseburger from Shark Shack without having to pay a fee at the gate. What a joke.

LOL this is ridiculous. I'm so happy the city decided to take of this this and enforce this so I can see the gum stuck on the seat of the bench and the amazing brick architecture directly behind the bench. Real great stuff. What a joke.They went after the people selling I <3 Galveston …

But what about like... the business owners? Like the businesses that make money? Like the ones that ones that pay employees and raise our tax base? What about them? Don't know if a parade could replace that.

Allen Flores will kill downtown events. What a legacy.

That's why voting exist.

Just make sure you run it by the Tzar of Galveston Events, Allen Flores. He'll decide if the people that come to those events are of quality enough to enjoy Galveston.

A failed system.

You're going to move over one weekend of noise?

I don't even know how to read this. You use a lot big words that don't make sense in their usage. The first line is a perfect example, a "publicly repudiated professor." What in the world does that even mean? I've read it 5 times now from start to finish and I still have no idea what your…

I wonder where this billboard will go.