Paul Sivon

The Rainbow crosswalk opened a Pandora’s box. Wait until the “wrong group” wants to paint a “wrong” message on the road, then see how those who gave the permissions that started this trend handle it and their basis, or personal bias, for deciding what’s in or out.

Interesting detailed interpretation of the nuances, I assume you were on the bus.

It was a poor attempt at humor Bill. The learning for me about this endeavor is about decision making in America, and the role of lobbyists and a convincing, valid or not, narrative.

So, in summary, are you’re saying that if you do not support a levee, you don’t have a spine?

The lesson of Venezuela you refer to is just part 2. Part 1 is how corruption leading to immense wealth for a few and poverty for most, allowed extreme socialists to take control.

Interesting Chamber of Commerce viewpoint. If cost is the issue, the cost of maintaining a beachfront barrier and associated beach with sand over a project’s life, if even possible, would dwarf the cost of levee and pump maintenance. I understand fully fortifying the east end, it’s alread…

Your comments are the lone rational statements among this usual and predictable heap of posted inane trash. Just a read through the comments provides support that your view is directionally correct.

Per the report, the email was from Rees, not O’Rourke. Was it Nelson’s concerns or O’Rourke’s, using Nelson as his proxy? Beeton wasn’t the one stirring the trouble pot.

The HOA officers know the rules. The “bitch”, buttercup, is that they choose not to follow them for their own purposes.

FEMA funds to build beaches in front of the sea wall seems inconsistent with their mission. Those beaches will not protect anyone nor improve protection for property, the sea wall does that. Use the money where it will increase the safety of the Citizens or protect infrastructure.