Paul Sivon

The number of Trump’s follies is already adequate, another is not necessary. Allowing a $5 billion spend so there might be a chance at spite is only logical to few people. That $5 billion could almost cover the cost sand to keep engineered dunes covered.

The barrier is intended to support continued development (on the Mainland), limit infrastructure damage and prevent loss of the property tax base (on the Mainland) . Galveston is not the focus, with the levee a throw-in in an attempt to garner support from the residents of the Island. Onc…

What is the break even point for a desalination plant? That’s the only way to be free of a mainland supply risk.

Spend a little time in Austin driving around the University and check out the scooter renters’ behaviors. They act like a pedestrian when convenient and a motorist when convenient. Totally out of control driving behavior. CC just spent a lot of time on bicycle safety relative to cars/truc…

I don’t believe Dr. Merrill has an engineering degree, not that it reflects on being competent and capable or not.

Sour grapes, he ( as an extension of Abbot) didn’t get what he wanted (cities under his heel) so tries to get rid of the opposition. When all lobbyists are banned, then this will be reasonable.

Please don’t stop now. Ask Dr. Merrell to explain his sand budget; the amount of sand needed for the life of the project, the source of the sand, cost of the sand and the risk of failure of the engineered dunes if vast quantities of sand are not provided regularly for the life of the project…

“Public” in reference to beach means the public has the right to access part of it, not that it is owned by the State. It is, with few exception areas, privately owned.

Who will own the dunes?

This isn’t the North Sea. It’s about the sand availability and cost, including the perpetual massive renourishment needs even if you could find a viable economic source. There’s pipe dreams and sand dreams, get real.