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Such a shame

I agree with Nurse Jane[thumbup]

Why not donate it to another family that is in much the same dire straits they were in when they received the house? It would be tax deductible. sounds like a win/win to me.

Why not donate it to another family that is in the same

I give thanks to each and every one in Galveston County for their caring hearts and spirits..
We have great public service and private citizens here and we love you all.

the days of the little woman sending a dish for a potluck at any meetings has seen its sinking slowly. many/most families are dual earners and the last thing any of them want to do is go home and fix a dish for the next day! I am retired and I frequently to that thank goodness for takeout …

I don't think I have ever understood what a charter school is. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks

I'm for it.

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Thumbs up to Kai and you and your wife.


that should have read.....hungry children all over the world.