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The Hurricane season is upon us...Do not divert federal funds intended for Covid Relief, which by the way the Covid problem is re surging. Back to my point, Galveston County may well need some of those funds should we have the misfortune of a busy hurricane season. Send help not all the f…

Wrong as you are, I knew you would be the one to respond. "Where there is a will there is a way".

No, do not divert federal funds intended for Covid Relief for use on a border wall that will never truly deter anyone from coming into our country. In regard to immigrants wanting to cross the border…”where is a will, there is a way”. Immigrants will continue to enter our country by air, …

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A life story of hope and continuing success. Thank you for sharing his wisdom and life vision.

Thank you Chuck and Mary Ellen for a true gift from your heart.

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It takes patience, observation, timing and skill, Jennifer has it all. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

Much to do about something - opinions.  My opinion, I say just follow the science a couple of more months.  If you don't want to wear a mask to potentially protect others and yourself that is your right.  It is also your right not to accept and take the vaccine shots, why waste the serum …

The park at the Doyle Convention Center is idea for carrying out the vaccine inoculations, no need to exit your car. There are several entrances and/or exits for improved traffic flow.

How can anyone help if there are no clues, i.e. approx age of the deceased, color of clothing?