Donna Spencer

Privatize them and have drilling, hotels at the bottom of the grand canyon, etc etc. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea........NOT

Well said Mary !

The National Parks in this country are fantastic and should be preserved for many generations to come. Thanks to the many great leaders in the past who saw their value to this great nation.

We should all be afraid of the fear mongering, liar and divider President, we have. Why are so many people blind to that ? He is the problem ! Not the media. Of course, he uses the media and again, why do so many people not see that ? He must be voted out of office.

And this guy wants us to vote for him for city council ! What a class guy. Finding loopholes and legal angles to avoid what is suppose to be for the good of us all. What a great guy.... yeah. I thought I had seen them open a few weeks ago but now I know how this guy thinks. And we should …

Isabel, you are like so many these days. You don't let facts get in the way of your opinion. Science doesn't matter to you.

Oh sure, you trumpsters are all about fairness and honesty...... yeah right.

I wouid ask what is the source of your information.

Yes I wear my mask to help protect others.

Your man trump voted by mail. And if anyone would cheat or stuff the ballot box, it would be that liar.