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Noel Spencer

Why not ? Besides teaching them another languague that they may use later in life, it helps with brain development.

Craig Brown has proven to be a true leader for Galveston. He is not the old BOI, as is Bo.

Get the shot people !

Well said James Templer. To others who dispute the truth, his commentary says it all about you.

Well said.

Joe will bring common sense, honesty and a fresh approach to the Attorney General Office. He was a good honest mayor here, but with dilusional, single issue voters thinking the city could stop the rebuilding of public housing ( which they couldn't ), he was defeated. He spoke the truth th…

There is none so blind as he who will NOT see.

I have called the city about street repairs and they do answer and take the information. I found that you should get the work order number before hanging up. You can then follow up with that later number reference if the repair is not done. Their process does work.

Thanks Brian for clarifying why the intersections with Broadway are still in such bad shape. I suspected it may be a state issue. Now we know the facts.

There are plenty of studies that show that short term rentals are detrimental to a city. The council must make significant changes in the entire short term rental process. That includes lowering the threshold that residents must meet to further restrict them, annual inspections, much high…