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I am a steady reader of The Daily News. I prefer to read online but I am a sucker for coupons and comparing sale ads. And a am a HUGE Scrabble fan! (and accepting all opponents)




March 29th, 1984

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Reading The Daily News

Favorite TV shows

Walking Dead

Favorite movies

Star Wars (every one of them)

Favorite books

Stephen King's Dark Tower saga

Favorite quotes

"Sometimes you are the pigeon; sometimes you're the statue"


Good for her, And good for Galveston.

I like seeing the next generation taking pride in Galveston.


ScrabbleGuy commented on Sharp words over email discussion

Rosen is trying to bring others down with him.


Didn't he have some felonies too? Or did those get dropped?

I guess in the end, when enough time has passed, all Dupuy will get is a stern warning and a small (given his salary) fine.

Meanwhile, someone with a quarter gram of crack will get 20 years...


Well that proves the level of commitment to reach all of The Daily News subscribers having to drive the looooong way to get to Bolivar.


The ship that caused the spill "left the area". Wow, this will make headlines around the country by Monday.


Here's my predictions:

Yarbrough 41%
Beeton 32%
Mafridge 19%
Guzmon/provisional/misc 8%


All of this money. All these tourist. And all we get is Uncle Kracker. A one-hit wonder has-been. With this kind of money and numbers, why can't we get a good show?
C'mon- The Line Up is a good bar band. But not a headliner!

But then again it would mean more money Mike Dean would h…


It seems The Daily News is doing more campaigning for Yarbrough than he is doing for himself. He hasn't spent a dime on advertising. He is basing his whole campaign on popularity.

I was going to vote for Yarbrough, but I don't like how he isn't trying at all to win. All he has done wa…


Year after year the problem worsens.

I blame Yaga's for it all. Tickets prices are too high for crappy entertainment. Security is reduced to help the bottom line.

Galveston needs to take the event back. Mike Dean and the Minions are killing Mardi Gras with each passing year.


Of course he can always move 200 miles away to avoid responsibility.