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A true Galveston icon. RIP Guy Taylor Sr. and thank you for your service and the pride you displayed and shared.

Check out this website to see who's played the festival in the past:

If you like Texas country/folk/rock music, you'll love this festival.

Mr. Beard, I read it and even quoted what I read. I had an honest question about something that was not clear. Your response was to make a personal attack. This is one of the things that's wrong with our society as a whole. Rather than have civil discourse about an issue upon which reaso…

Carlos, an honest question for you. While, yes, Trump was an "other person protected by the secret service," what "Government business or official function" was he performing that would invoke the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011?

According to this link:
646 not 96 will be the last segment between 45 and 146

“Simply stated, to provide the same level of services to the same number of beach visitors as visited the island in 2006-2007, the Park Board is required to expend almost 20 percent more funding"

If you're going to use math to support an increase, make sure the numbers add up. As…

Ken, you're selling yourself short. The fact that you know what the left bottom side of the Bell Curve is probably moves you a little more right and higher on said curve. That being said, I share your concerns.

The first safety tip always mentioned by Chief Davis is to swim near a lifeguard. A beach patrol trained lifeguard, not a swimming pool lifeguard that has no idea about rip currents, sand bars, guts, jetties, waves, etc... A completely preventable tragedy and my heart goes out to the famil…

TMM - 43rd is not a high tourist area and it's being re-paved. 53rd is not a high tourist area and it's going to be re-paved (they've already put new lane markings for the work). I know there are a whole lot more that need repair, but to say none are being repaired is just plain wrong.

Scottt commented on I'm a millennial Republican

"We live in a country where more youths know who Kim Kardashian is than our Secretary of State. Despite societal influences, and a general nationwide apathy toward politics, I am a young Republican. Why?

I believe in the Constitution, states’ rights, and a limited govern…