Jonathan Welch

Well said by Paul Sivon and Elizabeth Beeton. After this witch hunt by the O'Rourke's, who in their right mind would want to work for the Port of Galveston?

Do you have a list of which private companies now offer windstorm coverage?

Seems like they are spending a lot of money for improvements based on the assumption that a third terminal will be built. What happens to that money if they do not come to an agreement with Royal Caribbean to build that terminal?

"What I'm having an issue with, is the construction of a dorm 60 feet from a hazardous traffic route. The road was there when they built the dorm, and now they are concerned"......... Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner. My thoughts exactly.

"The city manager allows a promoter to fence-out the taxpayers and tourist from The Strand Unless they pay-off a promoter $22. If that were legal, no one would ever open a business in Galveston". You know about this and it did not stop you from opening Shark Shack, correct?

I've often wondered why those who live along the coast bear the burden of paying windstorm. Several years ago Dallas had an outbreak of tornado's that cased $1.2 billion in damage, yet they are not required to pay windstorm. That's not right.

Hopefully the "dining" scene will catch on in La Marque and Texas City with Lago Mar and all the new hotels that being built.

It's been interesting to read comments from people who comment that the PB needs to be reigned in by the city council. It seems ironic that people fail to see that it's the same city council that appointed each member of the Park Board. The reserves the Park Board has need to be save for …

Jonathan Welch commented on TCISD map tweaked in La Marque district

Color should not be a factor in deciding who is appointed.

If the sign committee is worried about "visual clutter", then they should focus their attention on the enormous billboards that line Broadway, 61st Street, Seawall Blvd., and all along the roads heading to the west end of the island. These small digital boards are nothing in comparison.