Ruth Broom

I think this is the number one reason families won't move to Galveston. GISD needs to focus on MAJOR progress!

This is sad. I can't believe they wouldn't give him treatment. He looks so sad.

To Sverige: You said the boy put hinself in danger. This is how it can be compared to a rape victim that comes forward. "She put herself in danger" is exactly what people say. She deals with all the judgemental people, but in my eyes, she is the hero. She comes forward and save…

To DottieOA...How did she know it was "known drug haven"? Was this like common knowledge to everyone?

I commend the police chief for taking action, and I commend the mom for coming forward. We have a major drug problem in Texas City. The police are fighting the war on drugs (as evidenced by a recent major drug bust near Somerset). The citizens need to help by coming forward with informati…

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Thanks for speaking out help others! My friend got a call that she won a car. The man told her to meet her at Walmart. He called her several times. However, she refuses to go public. I just don't want anything to happen. Why would he want her to go to Walmart? Weird!

Alvin great idea. The dealers will stay away for awhile, the moment the police are gone, they'll be back. My son wont give anyone up for fear of retaliation.

Just like when a woman gets raped they blame her. I'm glad she came forward to warn other parents.

When I picked my 16 year old up from the skate park which has now become a "hang out", I was shocked when he told me he was offered drugs 10 times. He won't be going back but I do understand this woman's concern. I thought this was a safe place. Dealers will do anything to get s…

Don233, think big picture. There are drug dealers that got a an 11 year old hooked on drugs. Let's just look for a solution so more kids don't get hurt.