Russell Rac

The big difference was all that you listed was not heated and stirred up by a sitting US President.

BTW. Holler at me when your esteemed leader returns to the White House. Luckily that will be never.

AND Intoxicated people who are over the legal limit.

I really like you, Lisa Windsor.

I am disgusted that this was even put to print. My opinion.

Interesting. I had no idea that in order to get the facts correct and in order, one needs to be a heterosexual. Or perhaps just Republican? What i and countless others across the world seek out when being informed of newsworthy information is the fact that the person delivering said infor…

How so very educated you must be with all of your credentials Mr. Ponce. I am thoroughly impressed with your PhDs in Trumpaganda, Bvllshit and Viral Infectology... You seem to know so much about everything; unfortunately 85% of your comments as a general rule come off as elementary at best.

50 million people just didn't vote for the candidate that won the election. That doesn't mean 50 million people chalked it up to voter fraud. At least I hope not.

For the record, I feel that the 2016 election was stolen. By the Trump Administration. But it seems that as an adult I c…

Biden is in Washington D.C. 86 million of us made sure of that. The idiot you worship retired to Florida. A lot of golf courses doen there i hear. At least he'll have something to do.

I don't answer to the government regarding my private life. Nor you. The only one I need to have a conversation with on my sexuality is myself and my God. Oh. And spoiler alert. Homosexuality has been referenced many times over in nature since the beginning of time. Its not a rule or righ…

You have way too much time on your hands, sir. Considering volunteering. It will actually make a positive difference in the community. Your babble does not.