Leon Lion

'Former College of the Mainland Professor', that was years ago. you mean to tell me some short sighted University has not recognized his genius and employed him by now? [tongue]

Yep, same pollsters that had Hillary winning the election.[lol]

Maybe they had Madonna and Ashley Judd with them.[beam]

In all those marches you described above how many carried obscene signs, shouted obscene remarks, gave obscene hand gestures and made threatening speeches all in front of children? [censored]

I'm sure President Trump will be much disappointed when he finds out you are not there[beam]

If large casinos are ever allowed to set up shop you can bet that all these little game rooms will be found to be illegal all of a sudden and shut down quick.

Big influential casino owners would never allow them to operate. It would be amazing how all of a sudden they would be found to…

Dude, are you that gullible. There is no such thing as a 'properly operated legal game room'. If they were run legally, there would not be any in the first place. Do you really think people go in there and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the chance to win a $5.00 prize.

Like …

Well stated Carlos[wink]

Way back when I was in school we were bombarded with global cooling by our science teachers and the media. The coming of the next ice age.

If I remember correctly, Kansas should be frozen tundra by now with glacial ribbons of ice inching towards Texas. [scared]

So Debra, you think it was OK for the male reporter for CNN to disrespect and completely ignore the female reporter who was following the rules of decorum?

Do not female reporters deserve to be recognized and called upon as well as the male reporters?