Dalton Logan


Mr. Young, was not the darling state of liberal thought, California not on the national grid when they had rolling blackouts and blackouts just period during the summer?

They had already crippled their own electric generation to the point that they had to depend on others for power.…

Was California connected to the national grids when they were having all their rolling black outs and blackouts?

So if I am hearing you correctly, you are saying that all those National Guardsmen in Washington and all our members of the armed forces whom most are Republican/Conservatives are not patriots?

Jim, lets pick this discussion back up in about a year (maybe sooner).[wink]


The democrats have fallen behind in the destruction of the unborn child so Biden is signing an executive order today to help them catch up.

But can we keep them there?

Wait until gas/diesel gets up to around $3.75-$4.25 Gal. Going to see t-shirts with Trumps picture on them with 'missing me yet'.[tongue]