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Security of the entertainment area is a function of the gate system, i.e. screening entrants. That can be done without a charge at the gate, it simply requires gates to limit entry points. The question is how is the cost funded.

The City of Galveston has a municipal police departmen…

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There would seem to be a management issue at some level. I'm not sure where it is, but the Buck must stop somewhere. To use adverse weather as justification is as juvenile as your dog eating your homework. We are on the coast, inclement weather is our stock and trade. Anyone who doesn't u…

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Are the owners being prosecuted and if not, why not?

So, if only about 60% of the sand was delivered, has the cost been adjusted, accordingly?

I find it interesting these people are handling these documents without gloves. I understood that such handling was detrimental to the documents. Is that not true?

Is Galveston using water revenues as a "profit Center?" There is no other reasoning for the difference in the cost of a gallon of water flowing through a household consumption meter and a sprinkler. The tone of this article would seem to indicate a reliance on water revenue, but fails to …

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Actually you can once the evidence becomes sufficiently detrimental to the continued existence of the Republican members. It's just not there yet!

I guess I was wrong when I thought the Republicans stood for smaller, less interfering Federal Government!

What is the value of receivables related to unpaid fines over the last 5 years, including those deemed noncollectable and removed from the books. There seem to be numerous code violations throughout the city that are never corrected. Is there revenue generated by these and if so, how much…

The bulk of this "wish-list" appears to benefit the continued employment of the executives at the Galveston wharves with minimal benefit for the owners, residents of the City of Galveston.