Karen Sawyer

i am with ignoring them, but it did need to be reported in the paper, i also think it was a good report just the facts. thank you

Heartbreaking. RIP child.

Thank you for writing this article, but also on the 22nd of December another woman was killed by her husband in ANOTHER domestic violence event,
I am on the Board of the Resource and Crisis Center and we work hard to help victims
get away from this. Please Please Please go to RCCGC.o…

so very proud of you Rene...

Thank you RCC for all your hard work.

who is the judge that set this bail>?


I totally agree he should still be charged with something.

But I guess we've all learned this year that if there's no intent to do wrong, then it's all okay.

I'm happy it's a Democratic choice. Didn't think it was possible here in Texas. Not happy that it's Clinton tho but we weren't given much choice.

rpr commented on Don't vote for Hillary

You know Christianity is just a made up story, right?