Karen Sawyer

sure hope news reports on those questions!

Disappointing they tore down the building next to McDonald's just to build another oil change spot. Was hoping for something new and different!


"What do you base it on, other than some unfounded and illogical bias?"

No, Dwayne, just on what I read in the article. You're a big, strong man, though. No doubt I'd never doubt your mental prowess, Sir.

"Powers, who has had two heart attacks in the past two months, thought it was important to reach out to the media about his encounter out of fear he would die soon, he said."

This is the ringer. It's okay if y'all believe in click bait or storm our capitol. But some of us are still …

“If you blinked you would’ve missed them,” Powers said. “They were so fast it was phenomenal.”

But I caught photos on my cellphone. And! I was "sober"

Oh, Wayne. Calm down, honey. Have you ever heard of empirical evidence?

It tickles me that you got so feisty. Mind you, this fella "Powers, who affirmed he was sober". Surely this is "threatening to my reality".

Aluminum stands just sounds so cheap, and even more uncomfortable, than what we already had.

Wow... hopefully they have good reason for that.