Karen Sawyer

Is fooding or flooding?

you are correct, non tax paying UTMB has tons of closed off streets

this is a GREAT step forward hope it continues to go forward and not just sit there.

They've been here for 114 years. How much more of a long term commitment do you think they need to give???

“If the concern is I don’t want to get my feet wet, then issue them boots,” Mullican said.

Let me tell you mister.... boots won't cut it! I've had that nasty water up past my knees many times. It's disgusting!

one of the if not the largest tax paying employers on the Island, they deserve this.

"They teach to the Test and not Teach Subjects and/or Students." - What school district doesn't at this point?

Not what that's saying at all. It's saying the ones that don't get into the top 10% in Friendswood and similar ISDs are probably put at a disadvantage when applying for colleges because they aren't on the magical list even tho academically they are doing better than lower performing ISD students.

did they woman say he assaulted her? sounds like she and he were having fun and had an accident.

Something tells me you'd be all for a continued Hillary witch hunt tho no matter the cost.