Stephani Hunt

Can't wait to welcome the Villains at the Strand to the East End. Just what the neighborhood and tourism industry needs. [sad]

[wink] "hangar", not "hanger""

I can't believe Council was able to spend anything at all at ShyKatz. Hours are posted on the door, but they seem to be open only every other Tuesday from 2-4 pm in months ending in "er". It's easier to eat at the Artillery Club than ShyKatz .[wink]

I can't stand double drive-thoughs and refuse to go to McDonald's that have them. It's so frustrating to have people mwho mhave arrived after you ordering and being srved before you! Whoever came up with the system that makes you jockey for position after you've ordered should be fired. Terr…

"Blamed of"? Some of the writing at this paper is "distractingly awkward".

I think you mean "eminent", not "imminent".