Ron Paget

Your mother would be very proud.

Dear Ms. Griffiths, I am sorry this is happening to you and so many others in our country. I pray the shutdown will end soon. Thank you for sharing how this is affecting you and others.

Thank you for having the courage to state your opinion about Donald Trump. I am discouraged when I read most opinions in the Galveston Daily News. More of us need to speak out before it is too late. Thank you

Thank you, Rev. Nick. Thank you for being there for parents and loved ones. Thank you for reminding us that while a badge and a gun are unfortunately necessary in our society, so the love of God can be a comfort to us all in times of trouble.

If the sunset committee had to stand in the heat at the office on Broadway they would add more capacity and not less.

Hint: When Houston TV stations report "They have blue water in Galveston today" the seawall is packed.

Concrete paver use first started in Europe at sea container loading docks 35 years ago. These installations have had significant success. Note the loads there are even more demanding. The key is a proper foundation (depth of and aggregate gradation) under the pavers.

When you do not…

This is news. We are helping / encouraging students to compete in the future. Australia has a firm that lays concrete blocks with or without mortar and is partly funded by Caterpillar. It constructs an entire building without worker input.

There will be automation in the fast …

The main solvent in the vape solution is propylene glycol. The MSDS material data sheet from Dow Chemical warns do not breathe the vapor.

I agree fully with Mr. Fouga. Also we need a proponent that will fight to keep the 18 freeboard requirement for new construction. We all win when we can qualify for a better insurance rating.