Miles Montegut

This reporter should be fired, according to the release.

I hope yall are successful. Best of luck, stay committed.

Sad. Dozens of witnesses and yet little cooperation. You get what you tolerate.

And for you PoorRighteousTeacher to compare the peace or freedom marchers of the 60s with the NBPP is a shame.

If say, a white person was shot by someone and for whatever reason or influence the family of the white kids decided to bring in the KKK to hold a press conference, I'd work to protest the KKK too. The NBPP is no different than the KKK. They're a hate group.

And let me correct this article. The TCPD supporters COULD NOT SEE who was talking so there was no intent to silence the family. It was in an effort to silence the NBPP.

The New Black Panther Party was the target. They need to be a target by everyone in the community. The same way as if the KKK came to town.

Another excellent editorial. Thank you for your realistic approach at this sad, sad chain of events. Now if the community would look into the root cause of the culture that presents such a threat to the young men out there we might get something done.

Good article though.

I really feel for this family. They have a radical on their team , the guy in the mufasa poncho carring the tribal stick, pumping them up. The other side should have made it clearer, they were there to shut down the NBPP, not the family.