Robert Buckner

It's a good think you weren't holding your breath.

I wouldn't hold my breath for this repair.

This was just an opinion that was published. We all have one whether anybody agrees or not.

I can't believe this. I've got a feeling another James Daniels feel good column will be coming up soon.

Robert Buckner commented on Trump has no mandate

I've noticed through the campaign that the opinions of David Smiths and the Diane Turskis of this world are very irrelevant. It is what it is. Any opposition is simply "titty baby" whining.

Nice thought Leonard. In my personal experience through the years attempting to engage with local officials, I was lied to twice and totally ignored once. The only truthful and timely response I ever received was from former county judge Jim Yarbrough and he seemed happy that I had contacted him.

How do you reduce ferry hours? What about emergencies?

Robert Buckner commented on La Marque could use a better year

Yes Laura Elder, LM could use a better year but with the current administration 2017 will not be any better than 2016. It was once a nice little town.

Absolutely Mr. Moreno. If the Cowboys just keep winning they will determine their own playoff fate without have to count on other teams wins and losses or the combination of other teams wins/losses to determine their playoff picture. The Chicago Cubs just did it this last baseball season a…

Robert Buckner commented on TCISD names District 2 trustee

Thanks Mr. Boix for refreshing my brain and also for your service during the transition period and your continued community involvement.